Hi I'm an amatuer and need a litle help. We've installed 2 American Standard Eco Fusion toilets from Home depot, I think they are AS's H2O toilet.
After flushing, the still water surface comes to rest at 9 x 8, AS design spec. However the toilet continually loses this and after 24 hrs is 5 x 3..
Have talked to AS and have received a replacement bowl, same problem. There are no leaks , I can see the underfloor connections.
As a test I placed one of the toilets over a bucket, filled it to still level and it held for 24 hrs at 9 x 8.. I presume this means the toilet is OK but could the drain system be siphoning somehow. This is not a new house, just new toilets, wedidn't notice the problem before. No change to the drains. We're are on a septic tank.
Local plumbers I've talked to have no suggestions nor heard of such a problem. We'd buy another toilet but suspect the same problem.
I have not checked the vent to see if it's plugged but there is no back-up or problems with the toilets removing any load. We only have 2 toilets and they are back to back.
This is driving us nuts any advice would be more than welcome