I know messing with gas is potentially dangerous but i'm quite confident i can do i safely and properly so i wanted to run my plan by you guys before i start things..

Its a very simple project, hooking up a gas(lp) range in my shop, about 6-8' away from a 100lb tank located in an adjacent room. My plan is to run 5/8" type k copper tubing (which already have around from another project..) from the tank to the wall where the range is located. From the range to the 5/8" flare fitting i have a flexible yellow gas line with the correct fittings to make the connection. At the tank i will the connect the 5/8" flare with proper fittings to a POL fitting that will screw into the tank. I plan on testing all connections with soapy water..

My questions are:
1) Is the line sizing alright? ( i know its not too small, but is there anything wrong with too large? )
2) Do i need another regulator at the tank before the line, in addition to the one that is installed in the range? If so, what rating?
3) Do i want 'Full Flow' POL fitting at the tank or a 'restricted flow' one? I am assuming full..?

Thanks a lot!