Hi, I am trying to install my first toilet. It is a toto drake 1.6 gal round. My closet flange is a sioux metal/abs type and sits on top of a tile floor (it is tight to the floor and secured with 6 screws). When I tested it for level it had a very slight front to back rock which was too small to shim with the composite shims (the exact type as shown the the toto drake tutorial) so I figured I would be able to take care of something that minor with caulking or maybe it would vanish when tightened down. When I set the toilet base I squished it down on the wax ring (oatey reinforced wax bowl ring kit no seep #3) but after squishing and twisting lightly as much as I could it still had enough front to back rocking to use the shims now. I am fine with that but wondered if I did something wrong and if I should pull it up and start over with another wax ring?

The underside of the flange is open to my garage for now so I can test it to see if it leaks without much issue. Also is it normal for the wax to spread all the way into the flange bolt area?

Am I ok to keep going?

Thank you!