I have 3/4" water coming in to my hot water heater and then 1/2" to everything else.
I live in a single wide trailer 70' x 14'.
not sure if distance matters.
I have seriously low pressure.
takes 18 minutes to fill garden tub.
I am remodeling plumbing due to water leaks in old grey pipes that are no longer legal and my insurance says I have to upgrade by may.
I want to use pex.

am considering using 3/4 inch throughout and then 1/2" to fixtures.
does this end up increasing my pressure?
does this increase my electric bill due to hot water sitting in lines?
is it worth the extra money to increase size?
do fittings inserted in pex decrease flow?

I need help deciding.

also need help deciding on connections.
sharkbite, clamps, or whatever else is offered. crimps etc.
which is lower cost?

pipes will be under trailer exposed to cold but not in daylight.
I am considering using the insulator sleeves to wrap pipes.

any ideas, suggestions as to the proper way to do install under a trailer?

thank you!!!