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Thread: Is PEX at home depot or lowes okay for install under my trailer for all water lines?

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    Default Is PEX at home depot or lowes okay for install under my trailer for all water lines?

    I read there is pex-a and pex-b. I believe hd and lowes sells pex-b. I want to re-do my plumbing under single wide trailer but need something to withstand the cold. will the insulation sleeves be sufficient to protect below 32 degrees? I cannot afford the high quality pex-a. also need to know if I should increase from 1/2inch to 3/4 inch as I have a 2 bath trailer with sink, washer and hot water heater. thanks!!!!!
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    1/2" is too small. Insulation does little to keep a pipe from freezing.

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    I would guesstimate that the time difference between bare pipe and pipe insulated with foam (armorflex) is about 6 minutes
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    The thing you have to understand is insulation does not provide heat. Insulation slows heat transfer, but it can not stop it. We insulate our walls and attics to keep warm air in during the cold months, the same insulation slows the heat from the outside from overheating the house. But, without heat in the house in the winter, it will eventually get cold, and without cool air in the house in the summer, it will get hot. By the way, there is no such thing as a "warm coat". The warmth a coat provides is by retaining your body heat. As pointed out in previous posts, 1/2" Pex is too small. If you are replacing 1/2" copper, you will need 3/4" Pex. Same rule applies to CPVC. It's the inside diameter that you must be concerned with, not the outside.

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    There is nothing wrong with the PEX. The trailer should have good insulated skirting and the temperature under the trailer regulated to keep it above freezing.

    We have people living in campers the campground here all winter. Good skirting and a few incandescent lights for heat works good until the power goes out.

    When piping was metal they used heat tape on everything. Can't do that with plastic.

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