Hello everyone,

I'm building an addition...a sunroom. It's 16x20 and will not be heated or air conditioned, so will be a partial use room.

The room is being built on the west side of the house where I had planned on putting a deck, but decided to build a covered room instead.

I already have on the west side, an exterior light and a gfci outlet. I wired the entire house when building it new and I put the light box and gfci outlet on one circuit. In total, I have three exterior lights and 1 20am gfci outlet.

This is all on one 20a breaker.

My question is for the room. I plan to put a modest # of outlets in the room, a ceiling fan w/light and perhaps 4 wall sconce lights.

Would it be appropriate to have on one circuit, 6 outlets, 4 wall sconce lights, a ceiling fan/light and 2 outdoor light fixtures? I'm not worried about popping the breaker as I know this will get very little use, but this will be inspected and am wondering if this will present a problem.