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Thread: Sump pump pipes "gurgling"

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    Default Sump pump pipes "gurgling"

    I have 2 sump pumps at opposite corners in my basement. The pipe from Pump "A" follows the perimeter of the basement and exits the basement right above Pump "B" (it's a long distance). The 2" pipe is set on a slight downward slope and has a small 90 degree downward bend at the halfway point. The problem is that when the pump pumps water, I can hear it flowing through the pipe very loudly for a long period of time. Is there a way to eliminate this nuisance?

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    Default Air is Entering the Discharge Pipe

    Raise or extend the end of your discharge pipe so there is water standing in it after the pump shuts off. The end of your pipe should be at least 2 diameters (about 4 inches in your case) higher than the first low point that you encounter as you go back along the pipe in the direction of the pump, and preferably higher than the highest point in the discharge pipe. And it should always higher than the inlet of the pump (usually not an issue). That will produce a trap that will prevent air from entering the pipe as it drains.

    If it is not possible to raise the pipe, then put a trap in it using elbows, or adjust the pipe inside so the last run of pipe is up hill.

    It will take a while for the air that is in the pipe to be entrained with the water and be removed from the pipe. After that, you will not hear gurgling.

    It will also slightly decrease the flow capacity of your pump.

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    Thanks for all the help. I think I get it. I'll give it a try sometime in the next two weeks.


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