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Thread: Any One Have Good Pictures of Backflow Assemblies That They Are Willing TO Share?

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    Talking Any One Have Good Pictures of Backflow Assemblies That They Are Willing TO Share?


    I need some high quality pics of backflow assembly systems. I am trying to put together a flickr profile, and I realize that I don't have any good working images. I thought that if I wanted to find some images before I have the chance to take them, the best place to post this request was in a plumbing industry forum. Any help?

    Much Appreciated. I have looked online but haven't found any good ones

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    Unless you are looking for something very esoteric, when you have seen one BFP installation, you have seen them all. Out of the ground, into the BFP, and then back into the ground. Not much excitement there.
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    Hundreds, if not thousands of images from Google Image search for "backflow assembly" is not sufficient?

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    @kreemoweet, Thanks for the suggestion. I found some good ones. Appreciate it!
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