We are replacing 18 year old toilets and need advice on installation issues having to do with current placement of water supply lines. We want have skirted toilets if possible and do not want to have to move supply lines- waterlines come through the floor, not the wall. Are we going to have any problems with any of these selections?

1 Daughter's room- water supply line is 3 inches out from wall between 4 1/2 and 5 inches from center of toilet-bolts are approximately 6 inches centered 12 inches from wall
We would like to use the Vespin II or Soiree
2 Master -- waterline approximately 6 1/2 in from center of bowl and 3.5 inches from back wall
We would like to use Soiree or Guinevere
3 Utility -- waterline is 3 in from back wall and 4.25 to 4.5 inches from center
We would like to use Aimes or VespinII
4 Guest --Waterline is 4 in out from wall and approximately 6.5 in to center
We would like to use Guinevere or Soiree

Thank you for any suggestions.