Hello Everyone,

I am new here and had a question I was hoping I could have answered. I have been living with hard water and have recently had it tested the results of the tests were provided by a local water treatment company.

The water tested for 26.0gpg of hardness, 4.0ppm of iron, 7.0pH, very low level of tannin, and no H2S. I have a 3bed/2bath house with 1650sq ft. and 3 people living there.

The company has recommended a softener called the ECR3500 and are saying it will cost me $3200

I was reading online about softeners and was considering the Fleck 5600sxt 48k softener. Would this be good enough or would it be better to have a separate iron filter.

Another question is why is the local company wanting to charge me so much for a softener alone?

I sincerely appreciate any help.