So, I have cabinets totaling 8' with two vanities. Left to right: 12" drawers, 30" vanity, 12" drawers, 30" vanity, and 12" drawers. Complete remodel on an outside wall with double end plates (2x10) so can't run drain in walls, need to do P trap and run to 90 down into floor inside the vanity.

My question relates to placement of rough drain stub ...where, left to right, should I put the stub? Since I have to P then run horizontal (prob will use AAV) then down into the joist bay, should I offset the stub to the left side of the vanity opening on the sink on the right, and right side of the sink on the left ...or the same in both (I have lots of space underneath floor). I was thinking offsetting would ease the transition from P to the 90 into the floor.

Does this approach seem reasonable ...any alternative vent option - cant use the wall and there is about 12' between sinks and closest vertical vent.