I had a plumbing company come back out due to issues with my water heater, it would release small amount of water usually at night out the temperature/pressure release valve ontop of the water heater. two days prior the company also installed a EXPANSION TANK WITH WATER HEATER to solve the problem, (it didnt solve it, it still has some small amount of water coming off the TPR valve).(over 12hr period,small amount) So they came out today to recheck it, and now they say the water pressure at the back of the home's water spicket is fluxualting to 100psi. i'm assuming this is really high, and there wanting to install a pressure regulator. they looked under the home, unable to find one. It's Questionable that if i have one , they say it would be located in behind the drywall next to the front of the home's water spicket. This home was build in 1964, and was "flipped" five years ago. so i'm assuming they installed new plumbing and would they have to place a pressure regulator on the line? I just didnt know if its worth tearing up drywall looking for a pressure regulator, any idea's where or how to locate it easily or to have them install one,there quoting a price of 325.00 and one last question, why is it that if i'm having issues with high water pressure,i run one water sprinkler in the back of the home, and the one in the front dont have enough pressure to work properly?
sorry for being wordly, thank you for your help.