I've been digging around and have not yet seen anybody write about a predicament I've been having. Please forgive me if I've missed some posts out there.

The issue is a hot-neutral reverse reading on old, non-grounded nob and tube where the outlet was now replaced and grounded to an additional outlet on a newer line that is correct.

The story;
Someone I know had one outlet with THREE power strips pluggled into it (TWELVE items plugged in [mostly lights and copiers]) and the outlet crackling.

So I replaced the outlet and one-gang to a two-gang intending to use another circuit to feed an additional outlet on new romex.
The old wiring had one clothed hot and neutral pair and two separated clothed wired attached to the outlet.
(This was the one day my voltmeter died and I had no extra batteries. Otherwise, I would have determined which was line and which was load.) However, I hooked it up to the new outlet exactly has it was before, except this time I made a leg to ground the new outlet with the ground from the other additional outlet on the other newer circuit.

Before, the old outlet was not hot-neutral reverse. Hooked up exactly the same, but now with a ground, it is.

As a side note, the user flips off the power strips each night. So, the devices aren't getting 24/7 the non-switched hot neutral inside the devices I've been reading about ( if true. But still not good).

Anybody have experience with this?

I'd really appreciate any expertise about this.

And thanks to this site. Where are the others?