I'm new to the forum and am seeking some assistance with a toilet installation.

I pulled the toilet from my basement bathroom to replace the vinyl flooring. Upon doing so, I realized that the toilet flange isn't level. The flange is PVC and is mounted with the lip of the flange sitting on top of the concrete floor. I installed the new vinyl around the flange so the flange lip is still higher than the finished floor since the vinyl is very thin.

The flange is about 3/16" higher on one side. When sitting the toilet in place without the wax ring, the toilet bowl is about 5/16" higher on the one side. (The amount is increased because the span across the bowl is wider than the span across the flange.....obviously.) When the bowl is in place, it doesn't rock. The toilet didn't rock before I pulled it either.

Since the toilet doesn't rock, is it a problem that the toilet is unlevel by this amount? It never was noticable before and the toilet flushed fine. The concrete floor is not level and since the flange lip is resting on the top of the floor, it doesn't seem like this would cause any problems since the toilet doesn't rock. It seems like using shims would be counter productive in this case since the toilet would go from sitting firm to an unlevel (but flat) floor to just having it rest on a couple of shims on one side. Am I looking at this wrong?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.