Hi all,

I have an unusual question.
I recently had my sewer line replaced because supposedly a piece of concrete broke into the cast iron pipe underground causing a blockage. When the plumbing company replaced the sewer line they moved the cleanout over to the left a little (as requested by me) to get it out of the driveway apron.
I asked the plumber to make sure he removed the old cast iron pipe, but of course he was in a hurry and didnít or simply forgot. And I have nothing in writing contractually to make him come back and do it now.

So I am concerned that the heavy pipe will one day break off and head south damaging the PVC connection right below it.

Everything is backfilled of course, so I would have to hand dig down a little and try to pull up a 6í long piece of cast iron, which I believe would be very difficult. The end of the broken pipe appears to be about 2í from the new connection, but the jagged end worries me.

Should I be concerned?

I was thinking an easy solution would be to toss a bag of dry concrete mix in the pipe, tamp it (with my Johnson bar) so it spreads out under the jagged end of the pipe. (I am sure the soil beneath the end of the pipe was not tamped, so the cement should spread nicely) That will give it a nice base so it probably wonít drop any over time.