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Thread: Questions about over flow value and adding a expansion tank

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    Default Pressure release valve on water heater and adding a expansion tank

    About 6 months ago they replaced my electric water heater with a 50 gallon Bradford white because the pan was constantly full. Yesterday I noticed about 2 inches of water in the pan. Call the installer of the water heater and they came out and decided it was where the pressure release valve on top of the water heater would release water ever so often. (It's not a constant run out of the pressure release valve, its actually dry on top,but you can see where it has a water stain where it's run off the top and down the side). They placed a PVC pipe off the pressure release valve and down the side, and they installed a expansion tank. This morning looks like the overflow valve released a little and the floor was a little wet/damp. I don't know if a lot of water came out because the plumber placed the end of the pipe outside the pan. Did I need that expansion tank for this electric heater? And does the expansion tank reduce the release of water from the pressure release valve? Should i call them back if i still getting small amounts of released water from the top valve? They had the water heater set on factory settings when they installed and this plumber increased the temp a little. I appreciate anyone's advice, thanks
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