I'm new to the forum and at the beginning stages of doing a complete bathroom remodel. Part of the remodel involves moving the vanity and the toilet + upgrading to a double vanity.

I've done quite a bit of research about building code and the proper way to do this and I think this layout is going to fulfill all of the requirements. But, before I actually cut and start putting it together I thought I would ask some people more knowledgable than myself.

So - I've taken some pictures of the current layout and marked them up. You will see the piping that I have test fitted and how it would run. Because there is space between the joists and the ceiling below, I will have much more than the 1/4" per foot slope requirement. The toilet will be within about 5' of the drain pipe / stack. I will be connecting into that main 3" drain using the Y fitting that is laying next to it in the pictures.

My two biggest concerns/questions are

- Will this provide adequate venting
- Are the bends that I have going to pose any problems

Anther angle

I marked a spot called 2" sink drain possibly. This is where I am considering running 2" drain coming from the double vanity. Each of the sinks would be vented separately - so I guess this 2" drain would also act as a vent for the toilet?

Thank you so much for your time - I really appreciate the help. Eventually I will post a start to finish thread (I'm taking pictures the whole way).