Hi All,
New here. I have a water well, live in a trailer my pressure switch is where my water comes from under the trailer. Bladder tank originally was underground until five years ago when it went and was replaced with a welltrol 20 gallon above ground tank that was located in an unfinished garage, which is still unfinished so no heat. Last week when everything froze and after pipes fittings frost free valve and pressure switch got replaced and I still had no water I googled instructions for replacing the press. Switch since this was the second one in less than a month my ex replaced for me. I questioned if the tank in the garage needed air and then we found the side was blown out when we went to the garage to look. I am here needing answers to help get this fixed without a plumber. So far I purchased another bladder tank, my ex saw the warnings about explosions. Need info. for installing new tank and is there anything I can do in an unheated garage?
DIY is how my budget dictates fixing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated