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Thread: Toto SanaGloss ?

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    Default Toto SanaGloss ?

    I am considering buying a Toto Ultramax MS854114S EL. Is the SanaGloss a worthwhile addition for $49 more.
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    The MS854114S is without Sanagloss
    The MS854114SG is with Sanagloss

    You may also look at the MS604114CEFG Ultramax II with Sanagloss
    It is worth the extra amount I believe.

    Sanagloss Poll
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    Many of the toilet and sink manufacturers have a similar glaze. On some it's optional, on others, it's standard, but may not be offered on all choices or colors. On Totos, it's standard on some, optional on others. Having had toilets both with and without this type of glaze, those with it are much easier to clean - if it doesn't wash off on its own, it brushes off, generally with no extraordinary scrubbing. Easily worth the extra. And, if you don't use abrasives or caustic chemicals, should last the life of the toilet.
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