I have two toilets in separate bathrooms that are back-to-back, and each toilet is approximately 24 inches from the 3 inch vertical stack that goes down below the basement and out to the septic. They are connected via a double sanitary T at the stack just below the bathroom floor, which is in the ceiling of the basement.

I would like to move one toilet to the opposite end of one of the bathrooms, which would place the drain at a 90 degree angle (or worse) to the sanitary T.

Would I be OK in capping off the drain at the T leaving the toilet in the other bathroom connected to it's existing connection at the T, and then installing a 3 inch Wye below the sanitary T and then connecting the new toilet drain to the Wye? The distance from the new toilet to the stack would be about 30 inches, and the 3 inch stack is the current vent for both toilets.

This is the first of probably a few more questions, but thanks in advance for your help.

Bluegrass Picker

WA State