Hi everyone, I hope you guys can help me. I recently purchased a new home back in October and, since then, I've noticed some noisy pipes in my master bathroom. It started with just turning on the hot water. Right after turning the hot water on I would hear a noticeable "clang" sound, and sometimes even feel it vibrate the countertop. It's not a rhythmic banging but it would continue intermittently while the hot water was on. Now it seems to be happening with the hot water on AND the cold water on. Plus I've noticed the same noises when I turn on the faucets to the other sink in the master bathroom, as I have 2 sinks. At first I thought it could be air in the pipes but I don't notice any sputtering of the water coming out, plus it will sometimes make the banging noise while the water is off but the sink is still draining. This house is only a few months old so it doesn't make sense that there could be issues already. Any ideas what the issue could be?