I was hoping to complete an installation of a utility sink into an adjacent washing machine drain. I spent a good amount of time studying another thread on here, and it has helped a lot, but I'm not exactly sure how to adapt the recommendation to my current setup. The example that was given in the other thread is this:

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And the drain/vent situation I have looks like this:
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So, my questions:
- Does the washing machine drain have to be below the sink (as it is in the example), or can the sink be below?
- If the sink is lower, than obviously it would need the vent "bypass" rather than the washing machine. Could I run this "bypass" to the neighboring vent stack (on the left in the picture) rather than the one the washer uses?

Thanks very much for the help. I can't seem to find anyone who has a definite idea on the proper way to do this. I'm in Anchorage, which I believe is UPC if that is significant.

Thanks again,