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Thread: Clearwave Electronic water conditioner

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    Default Clearwave Electronic water conditioner

    Does anyone have any experience with the Clearwave Electronic water conditioner. I have hard water and ran across this in my research.


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    This looks like a water treatment unit that is in the same class of products as snake oil, copper bracelets for arthritis, laetrile for curing cancer, and cold fusion for producing energy.

    The physical process that they describe has absolutely no effect on the chemicals that affect your water quality.

    The primary function of these units is to cause a transfer of funds from your credit card account to the sellers credit card account. If you spend the same money to take your wife (or husband or significant other) out to a very nice dinner it will have the same effect on your water and you will get a lot more satisfaction out of it.

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    I have a customer that is national sales rep for a similar product. He had me remove his softener. He gave me the 30min. explanation of how it worked and explained thet it was in wide use in Europe mostly in industrial applications.

    I am going to reserve judgment for a few years. If it works time will tell.

    I'll know, if he has a service call with in the next few years.

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    Ah yes, the old magnetic water conditioner. Now they have made a model that can electrify your entire plumbing system so you can get fried while in the bathtub. I like that.

    I have a very wealthy customer who wanted a softener installed at his dock so he could wash off his 40 some odd foot boat. Before I was called to do the install, he called me and asked what I thought of magnetic softeners. I told him! He said a good friend of his wanted to sell him one for only $850.00. He even brought it to me to have a look at the thing. I was impressed, it was 1" fitted, was made of all brass and stainless, had a powerful permanent magnet in it and weighed around 12 lbs. Of coarse it did absolutely nothing for his water problem but it sure did look nice all plumbed into his PVC plumbing out at the dock. He now has a 1 cu. ft. unit with a Fleck 5600 metered head to actually soften his water.



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