Ok guys, first post here. I have a problem that I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on. Last week we had 4 straight days of hard rain. During this time I believe my leech field became saturated and caused my septic to back up into the house. I've already had it pumped but there seems to be a blockage in the line somewhere between the house and the tank as I have standing water in the line leading into the ground. My septic line seems (at least where it goes into the ground in my crawlspace) to be cast iron so I don't think it has collapsed. I have ran a 50 foot drain snake (cheap one hand fed with no reliable auger rotation) from the house and found no blockage. My septic is only about 25 feet away from where the pipe goes into the ground so I figured I must have ran the snake into the distribution box. I've also ran the snake from the septic and can only get it about 5 feet into the pipe before I run into something stopping it. I believe this may be where the block is because when I push the snake into it I get a trickle of water coming out. I've tried to turn the auger into it but I've had no luck so far all I've got is some sticky black residue stuck in the auger itself. Any thoughts? Any help would be appreciated.