I live in a four year old house. By code here, it is required to have a trap primer on any floor drain. My hot water heater (in basement) has a drain beside it which the trap primer flows into, which is fed by the cold water inlet of the hot water heater.

For about three years now, the flow into the drain is more than what it should be. It is basically a constant slight stream, and the primer hisses to the point I can hear it on the second floor near the stairs. I never really worried much about it but my last water bill was more than normal, so I checked on it, and it definitely getting worse.

I'm not sure if I want to replace the primer or just get rid of it. The only primer I can find around town (Watts A200) seems to be a continuous flow and not a pressure activated flow. I think this is what I have now already as it looks similar. I don't want to buy and install a continuous flow primer and have the same problem, but I can't seem to find a pressure activated one very easily. I'm thinking to remove the primer altogether and just give the T&P valve a pull every week or two, which drains to the same spot.

Any input on which is the best route to go?