I have kinda a crazy question. I am needing to heat about 200 cal of water to between 80-90 degrees. the tanks right now are the plastic poly tanks like farmers keep chemicals in. I have an old hot water heater with electric elements but i curious do the thread on the elements get hot. I would like to drill a hole in the side of the tank and buy a nut and use a gasket on the inside and outside of the elements to seal it. But i am afraid that it might melt the plastic. I will probable end up having to run 3-4 4500 watt elements b/c this water will not stay hot over night just during the day so it would have to be heated up daily or if i knew i was going to use it over a day or 2 span i could leave it on. The tanks will be very well insulated on the outside with a cover for when not in use? Any ideas..
Thank you very much.
Oh and this is for nothing illegal lol making some temporary hydro graphics dipping tanks lol..