Hi all,

I am in the process of installing waterproofing system for a shower wall.

I know this is a plumbing forum, and my question is more for tiling professionals, but I appreciate the level of expertise here, and hope there are a few people out there with some experience on the following products:

1) Kerdi Membrane
2) Mapei Aqua Defense

Item 1) makes sense to me, but I'm told it requires unmodified mortar, which doesn't make much sense. Using a mortar which offers no plasticity seems like a great way to have your shower membrane sheer off from your backerboard.
Item 2) offers serious plasticity, and my tile suppliers use it on their jobs and recommended that I use it. I'm leaning in this direction, but the idea of just painting on a waterproofing system, well, I'd like to hear from more people who have used the product, for better or for worse.

Thanks in advance,