Hi Everyone,

New to the forums, just wanted to introduce myself and was hoping to some of you could answer some of my questions. My project is to move our washer and dryer into the basement. As far as the electrical goes, i am comfortable with that as i have a simplified electrical code book and have done work and got it inspected in the past. When it comes to plumbing, i am a newbie.

Below are some pictures of the area i want to move the washer to. I am thinking of just tying into the supply lines, and running to return to the 3" drain that is by the furnace. Images below for reference:

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As you can see, the plumbing in my house for supply lines uses the WIRSBO fittings. Below are my questions:

1) I am assuming that for me to move the washer downstairs and run this new supply line/return to drain i will need it inspected (just like electrical)? I live in Alberta.

2) Is there an equivalent book for plumbing to the "Electrical code simplified"? Something that summarizes most information for residential plumbing? How do i know strapping spacing? Grommets going through metal studs required? etc

3) My house uses the WIRSBO fittings. Does that use standard PEX? When i was in home depot, the gentlemen there was showing me these PEX crimp rings that you can buy with an installation tool. Can i use those fittings and rings with the tubing in my house? I understand WIRSBO is expensive, i don't want to spend $200+ for a tool.

4) For the drain, i was thinking of connecting to the 3" female connector like this: 3" Female -> 3" x 2" bushing -> 2" Pipe -> 2" x 1 1/2" WYE. I would find some fitting that the hose from washer can connect to the 1 1/2". Not sure what to use, any suggestions?

5) For the drain, do i have to have a vent? In homedepot there was some sort of "cheater" vent, which was sort of like a check valve. I don't think this drain is connected to a main vent column.

6) The current spot that i pictured above shows the washing machine close to the drain. Would it be ok if i moved the washing machine about 10' away from the drain on opposite wall and run a long drain hose through my studs to the drain? I assume the pump in the washer has atleast 8' of head, and i would slope the drain at some angle.

Does my plan make sense? Am i missing anything? Is there something i should read (other than the FAQ on this forum for newbs)? Any comments are welcome.