I have an older T-Kjr that has been FABULOUS till I just moved and reinstalled it. It started up right away, heating water for a few minutes THEN the fan started running at different speeds (fast, slow, medium,etc) eratically. The flames were short hot blue as always then just quit. I do not have the remote. The red led flashes 3 times and repeats that code til I reset unit. Here is what I know to this point:
1. Propane tank is half full and uses the same hose to connect to the unit since new
2. Cleaned water filter at base of unit.
3. No leaks or smell of LP
4. Button on upper limit switch is not popped out. (the black one at the upper left of the heat exchanger).
5. I can reset it and it will come back on and heat water but goes out more quickly (3 or 4 minutes).
6. The longest it has operated continuously since 1st malfunction is just over 8 minutes.
Love to get a new one but living on Social Security SUCKS!
Thanks for any help,
Jeff Griffin