I just replaced a start cap and potential relay in my control box, as both were bad (I'm guessing the relay dies first, then the start cap burns up since there is nothing to pull it out of the circuit). I'd like to keep a spare of both on hand, as my local well driller charged me plenty for the parts ($30 for the cap, $70 for the relay, and I've been able to find the cap online for under $10).

I cannot find the potential relay listed on line anywhere. It is a Products Unlimited (now TE Connectivity, owned by Tyco) model 38-H010A1909. I believe it may be stocked as a part number 4-1611758-0. This is for a 3/4 hp Red Jacket well control box, going on 12 yrs old. If I understand correctly, the coil is rated at 256 V, with a pick up voltage of 277 V. Does this cross reference to some other make of coil?

Thanks for any input you may have!