My 14 year old Echowater 3000 was in need of repair again so I started looking at my options. My water tested at 40g when the Echowater was installed. I took a pre-softener sample to the local kenetico dealer to test and get a quote for a new unit. They tested the water at 26g. I thanked them and told them I would think about it. I decided to test the water with a pool test for calcium. It tested at 750ppm. That converts to 44 grains.

I decided to order a Flec 7000SXT and install it myself. The unit came with a 12X48 tank and 2 cubic ft of 8% crosslink resin. The installation went good but some odd things have happened with the new unit so I would appreciate your opinions. On the first regeneration I lost resin out the discharge. I had about a quart of resin in my sump hole. I am sure some was also pumped out. I called the vendor and they said that was not normal but offered no help. I decided to let it go for a week and see how things looked. In about four days I could tell the water was getting softer but not as soft as it use to be. It really bothered be about the resin loss so I called the vendor and they told me to remove the valve and inspect the distributor tube and oring. When I removed the valve the distributor tube pulled up a couple of inches. I gently worked it back down to where it originally was. My distributor tube sticks up 3/8" above the top of the resin tank. Everything looked ok so I re installed the valve and manually started a cycle. I watched every stage and put a strainer to catch what came out of the discharge. At the beginning of the B2 stage about two cups of resin came out. Now a week later my water feels very hard. I started to test with the pool calcium kit and stopped putting drops in when I reached 300ppm (17g) because I didn't see any sense in wasting more drops.

I manually started a regen cycle this morning and everything looked normal and I did not loose any resin. I would like to post my settings and get the community opinion on how I should proceed. I have seen the post with recommended settings for the taller 12X52 resin tank, would that apply to mine?

My settings:

VT- dF2b
C- 60 (I figured 64000 was a stretch)
H-35 (I split the difference of the tests)

The sticker on the back of the valve:
BLFC .125
Injector 00

My BLFC button is marked 25 539 (is that .25 ?)

I have not had any resin in my plumbing.
I have ordered a hach 5b test kit.
Using a flashlight with the lights out it looks like I still have 28" of resin. That is all resin, I had no gravel in my install.