At the risk of initiating the wrath of the EPA, I am putting this in writing. I do hope they are not monitoring this site for people like me. I have this wonderful old 3.5 toilet and it's perfectly fine...except. In the last several years we have noted more and more cases where the flush water would spin and spin but not actually flush and clear the bowl. Yesterday I "restored" the beauty. NOTE: Most of you will understand that it's a "beauty" because it's a special order color...hence the desire on my wife's part to keep it right where it a new white toilet would never do...something about matching colors...which I obviously know nothing about! But...if she wants it that do I! Frankly...I can see no reason not to restore the toilet.

Anyway... everything that can be replaced was replaced. Because of our previous experience I set the water level just as high as I could...and then gave it a try. Exactly the same spin and spin but no flush. Instead of having a spin that accelerates, this one loses momentum fairly quickly. Over the years I have cleaned the tiny holes under the I know they are open. Also...when we get I am right now...we grab a bucket and pour additional water in and whoosh, everything is washed away! So that tells me my waste line is clear.

This spin and spin problem is completely random, because as soon as my wife mentions it and I go flush the toilet, that will be the time it works fine.

Any experiences or fresh ideas you could share to help me would be appreciated. I really do want to keep my lovely wife happy. Mostly because I don't want to pay the price of a new custom color version. Thanks!