I'm a new homeowner and my home runs off of a deep well. I was shocked at the end of my first month with a $430 electricity bill. Systematically going through the house and checking various things, we've determined that the well pump is too blame. It spikes the electricity meter. Looking through usage reports, we're way over where we should be at times of day when we use water (and the water heater uses propane, so it really is just the pump). I feel like something is terribly wrong, but searching the web for days, I've gotten nowhere.

The pump is 1.5 hp, 10amp, and 230volts. This seems pretty standard for a deep well pump. Isn't it? There is no water storage tank because the well produces at a good rate. My first thought was to get a water storage tank to prevent the pump from having to spool up pressure every time a toilet is flushed. Two tank companies have been out and both have said adding a tank will do nothing for power saving. I'm puzzled by that. It seemed logical to me.

I thought maybe I needed a more efficient pump? But when I look online, this seems to be as efficient as it gets for 1.5 hp. The well is about 400 feet deep. I think the pump is 100-200 feet down (I know I have it written down somewhere). I have no idea on the pump's age. If it is sucking so much electricity to run the shower (12 kwh) that PG&E puts me in the red for maximum use/overuse of power - what on Earth is wrong?

I'm looking at adding a tank, servicing the pump, replacing the pump, adding a generator, or going solar? I don't know how to correct this when I can't determine what's wrong. But I can't afford $430/month in elecricity when I used to pay $60.