Building a new house near a small town in S. Colorado. The area has a history of "problem" well water - hardness, iron, methane, etc.

House still under construction; plumbing roughed in. Water flows from the well at 2.5 gal/min. into an 1800 gallon cistern. The house has 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths; normally only 2 full time occupants, but we expect visits from family and other guests. Water analysis (below).

My basic problem - I would prefer not to rely only on someone selling softening equipment to tell me what I need or what my options are. And water treatment professionals and services are limited in my area.

I'm not looking for the cheapest solution or specific brand recommendation, but rather the type and degree of treatment I should consider. I'm reasonably handy and don't mind getting involved, but I'm new to water softening and welcome any advice.

Here is the well water analysis done by an independent lab (most measurements are mg/L, ND = not detected):

General Chemistry:

Alkalinity, Bicarbonate 800
Alkalinity, Carbonate 20.0
Alkalinity, Hydroxide ND
Alkalinity, Total 820
Chloride 22.0
Conductivity 1510
Flouride 1.04
Nitrate/Nitrite as N ND
pH 8.21
Sulfate 75
TDS 935

Dissolved Metals by ICP:

Calcium 13.7
Hardness 69.9
Iron 0.093
Magnesium 8.66
Potassium 1.13
Sodium 380

Dissolved Metals by ICPMS:

Antimony 0.0019
Arsenic 0.0016
Barium 0.394
Beryllium ND
Cadmium ND
Chromium ND
Copper 0.0055
lead 0.0009
Nickel 0.0027
Selenium 0.0039
Thallium ND
Mercury 0.0002