We have a home built in 1997 with 3 Universal/Rundle 1.6g round toilets and I am sick of them. I was hoping to replace them all with Totos but it looks like for at least one of them, I won't be about to use that brand with either a Drake II or UltraMax II and I wanted other recommendations or advice from the pros.

Downstairs Lav: This is the smallest WC I've ever seen in a residence built after 1950. It is 54"x57" but the doorway is on a 45 so the door almost hits the rim of the toilet. To make matters worse, the geniuses who did the plumbing rough-in made it almost 14" (I measured at the wall, on the sheetrock, to the middle of one of the bolts). The supply line is basically on the midpoint, if just off-center to the left. Is there a way to recapture some of the wasted space from the rough-in without a jackhammer(on a slab on the mainfloor)? The door almost hits the toilet when it swings open (there is only 5" clearance at the closest point of the radius) so adding an elongated toilet with the same rough-in will make it even tighter.

Guest Bath: This RI is 12" and the supply is essentially in the middle.

MB: the RI is 10.5" and the supply is in the middle

Both the MB and Lav toilets are in rooms with tile if that matters. The guest bath is vinyl. Only the Lav is on slab.

Thanks for any advice regarding high volume toilets for each room (I have twin boys who can really clog up toilets). My personal preference is for the shorter height bowl than the ADA which feels more like sitting in a dinning room chair to me.