Hello Everyone,
Sure hope you can help me out here. I'm helping out my brother-in-law remodel his first floor bathroom and I would like your input on what we should do with the old galvanized water pipes. Let me try to describe the scene as best as possible. The home is a two story house with a crawl space. The first floor and second floor bathrooms are right above each other. The water supply lines for both bathrooms are running between the first floor ceiling joists and branch off with tees. Leading from the ceiling down (vertical run) to the first floor bathroom are 1/2" hot and cold galvanized supplies, which are currently capped.

We are looking to rough-in supplies for the lav, toilet, and shower. Normally not that big of a deal, though when you throw in a wash machine in the mix which is located on the opposite wall, how should I attempt to rough-in the supplies? Here are the only two options I can come up with...

Option #1: I really would like to join a copper/brass dielectric coupling to the existing galvanized tee, and the run new copper supplies within the ceiling joists to the new wash machine outlets. The problem is that I cannot use wrench to tie in a coupling for the galvanize pipe, let along sweat the dielectric union fitting to copper. Totally inaccessible.

Option #2: Tie into the galvanized supplies with dielectric couplings that are about 4' from the floor and run copper through notched out studs to supply the new washer.

I've always understood that in order to tie gal to copper, you need to use a dielectric coupling. Also, I am concerned that if I choose option two, and given the fact that the supplies are currently 1/2" that water pressure may not be the greatest for the eventual new lav, toilet, shower, and wash machine.

I apologize in advance if my terminology isn't up to par, though whatever insight and options you might be able to provide, I'd greatly appreciate it...

Thank You!