The combo washer/dryer in my unit was installed about 10 years ago. At some point it started leaking during the drain cycle if I didn't interrupt the drain cycle. I thought it was leaking from within the unit itself, but it was only recently that I removed the transition panel on the washer/dryer and clearly saw the source of the leak.

The landlord who installed it used duct tape to bind the 2" drain pipe to the 1-1/4" pipe/hose that goes down and to the wall. The duct tape seal had deteriorated and that's where water was coming through. I have read elsewhere that such use of duct tape can be okay if everything else is fine.

I realize there may be blockage somewhere. I made a half-hearted attempt at snaking and need to try again. But my only access to the area is through the washer/dryer transition panel area so it's a pain to work through it. The combo unit is wedged between a wall and a hot water heater. Ideally I'd just have my landlord deal with it, but moving the washer/dryer unit would involve lots of hassle, so I'm seeing what I can do on my own. (The current landlord is not the one who installed it.)

I have attached some photos to show you what's back there.

I'm going to try to snake again by running it through the curved pipe/hose - I'm hesitant to unclamp that part since it's cumbersome to reach further down.

Should I try to apply new duct tape and see how that works?
Or should I be looking into a better and more elegant solution?

Short term (before I stripped off the old duct tape), I would let the drain cycle run for 10 or so seconds, stop it for 10 or so seconds, and repeat that until the tub was empty.

What I found:
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After removing the old duct tape:
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Removing hose so I can snake through it:
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Down below:
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