I have lived in the same condo for just over a year and this makes the second winter where my hot water will suddenly stop flowing to the kitchen sink. It works everywhere else and the cold water works in all rooms, even the kitchen. This happened to me maybe three times around this same time last year and always corrected itself. I had pretty much forgotten about it since it hadn't happened since. The dishwasher is connected to the same shut off valve as the sink and is not receiving any water either. Since the water works fine in the bathroom I don't think its the hot water outlet on the tank, and since the washer isn't getting pressure either, it cant be the external tubing. I have an end unit with my kitchen piping running against the outside wall, so I thought maybe it froze, since it only happens during very cold days, but it doesn't make since that the hot would freeze and the cold not. I am really at a lose here and so far have not been able to find any other posts related to this specific problem. It appears the issue is taking place in the pipes behind the walls; I own the place and can't really afford to have someone come out and tear through my wall to insulate the pipes or anything, so I am open to all suggestions.