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Thread: Need question answered about water and pressure and cold outside (if that makes sense

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    Default Need question answered about water and pressure and cold outside (if that makes sense

    Okay to explain the details and if someone can tell me what to do greatly appreciated. My landlord is out of town for 3 weeks and I will not be able to contact him as he warned me last week I wouldn't for about 3 weeks. I am debating either checking and fixing the problem myself (which I am competant if I am told what to do) or hiring a plumber and sending the landlord the bill. The question though with this problem is should I hire someone or just wait it out. I don't want to hire someone if there really isn't a reason to, Here goes:
    I have a 2 story house and 2 full bathrooms
    Entry Level: (meaning you enter my front door and that is where I live) Shower/Bath Tub-Sink -Toilet
    Lower Level: (Drive down the driveway -garage and a room and then a bathroom) Shower only -Sink-Toilet

    1 day ago it was very cold outside and so I let my sink drip water so pipes wouldn't freeze. My son shut off the dripping water in the kitchen sink, I didn't know until I got home from work. So I proceeded to go into the kitchen and turn the water on nothing came out at first. No hot or cold water. So I went and turned on all the other water supplies -sinks-even flushed both toilets and after a few minutes the water was back to normal everything came out fine. So I proceeded to let it drip again. Well today I went to take a shower before I go to work and I went to turn the shower on which is (just so you know) one handle silver circle shaped base plate that turns counter clockwise and goes from cold to hot if that makes sense.
    So upon turning the handle to have the water come out and then pull the little knob to turn the shower on I turn the handle and the cold water is only dripping and as long as I turn the handle further down so it reaches hot it is fine. Hot water flows just not cold water.
    So I checked all the faucets in the house- they are all fine and flowing hot or cold.
    even the lower lvl shower is fine both hot and cold works fine
    it is just the cold side of the shower/bathtub ground lvl that isn't working properly and only dripping cold but free flowing hot.
    Can someone explain to me what to do next. I have tried turning all faucets on and leave them running and leaving the shower downstairs running and even flushing both toilets for about 10 minutes straight. That didn't fix it. I looked at the water heater which is less than 3 months old and no leaks nothing. So what do I do now and again why is it doing this? Thank you in advance. Shan-

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    could be something stuck in cold side of showerbody very tricky to take apart and put together.whole system shut down and drained.call a plumber if you cant wate for land lord.
    dont try to take this on leavefor the pros

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