So, the galvanized pipe from the 1950's broke under the patio. Scores of plumbers gave estimates for more than I make in month, but when we settled on one, he took the deposit and disappeared. So, enter good guy plumbers with good skills and common sense but still more money that I have. So my nephews, nieces and friend came to dig the 300 foot 2 foot trench with strict orders to avoid the line with the current main supply line because the weird black poly is in a size that NO plumbing supply place in the world has fittings for. The boys are pretty strong and it didn't take long before they hit and broke the pipe meaning we could not even turn the water on for 30 minutes in the morning! They didn't want to tell me while I was at work, so they went to every plumbing supply place in the high desert before finally remembering that the ONLY folks that have fittings for that are the water company and it is on our side of the meter. UH! So, I came home from work with NO water at all now, 5 very dirty and sweaty 20 somethings with no hope of a shower.
At this point it is hilariously funny. Broken shovels, more broken pipe, trench not finished and a house full of folks who REALLY need a shower! Still have to cut the cement patio to get to all of the pipe to replace and I can't wait to see what happens next. You guys earn every penny you make! It is not as easy as you make it look and if I actually have 5 grand I would so gladly pay you to do this.
So, thanks for the help and guidance so far. We will do all the manual labor and call in the plumber to do all the connections and explaining about how to run the irrigation/landscape stuff. They mostly have the trench completed. Another day's work and we will be in search of 1 1/4 inch pipe of some sort..that is what the black stuff is.. Thank you, thank you , thank you for all the guidance so far.
NURSE-not plumber