Tub is 3 handle American Standard (colony I was told) stem size 9C-23H/C (now made by danco). Had terrible time getting stem out but finally suceeded . May have been original. Had right seat removal tool but does not work because seat hole is now almost round. I can barely see any hex shape left at all. So it will not work. Changed the stem washer and put stem in and it no longer leaks but would rather fix now than when a renter is there and from the looks of the seat it won't last long
Was advised that a fat screw extractor carefully used is the best way to remove the seat. Can someone tell me the proper size Fat screw extractor for seats for this type seat size and brand? Will that diverter use the same size seat? If not, can you recommend the proper fat screw extractor size for that too? Not cheap just told they are pricey. Any tips appreciated too.