Hello. I've recently experienced a problem with my 300 series softener. During regeneration, the water no longer fills into the brine tank. I didn't notice anything until I noticed that the tank appeared to be very dry one evening. I manually went through regeneration and noticed no water fill. I poured a few buckets of water to manually fill the tank to get the cycles working again, but now I'm noticing I'm not getting soft water. Brine draw from the tank is slow now. I went through the Kenmore animation troubleshooting and it wants me to remove the Float Assembly to see if the fill and brine draw are working. How do you remove the Assembly? According to the animation, it should just pull out straight up, but it doesn't. Is it stuck, or is there a screw or value holding it down and how do I get do it? I'm hoping I don't have to drain the tank and disconnect from the plumbing in order to accomplish this task.