Hello everyone, this is my first post!!

I know some basics about fixing some plumbing and was able to fix my other shower however this one is posing quite a challenge.

The shower/tub faucet in this bathroom (mobile home) spews water out the back bottom of the spout when it is on and even worse when the shower is on (cant use for a shower at the moment, on hence why i really need to fix it), I figured I would just replace the entire piece since there is probably a crack in the cheap plastic... BUT after cutting an access hole and 1. seeing the damn electric runs right on top of it which is that even in code? and 2. someone had the bright idea to glue the PVC to the pipes instead of screwing them on!!! This piece is the standard mobile home one what should just require disconnect the water line and then remove the mounting nuts and slide the piece off... well as you can see in the pictures there are no threads at all on the center pipe for the spout... would I be able to cut the PVC on hot/cold sides and attach some sort of swivel connector to attach to back of new spout/handles?

Any help would be appreciated!!

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