I will start by apologizing for the basic nature of my questions.
I have purchased property in a rural area and it is clay and limestone so a pressure mound system is needed. I have priced most of the parts, septic tank, dosing tank, dosing pump, alarm, sand, pcv lines and/or infiltrator field and all of this with 90 tons of sand for the mound at 4 feet deep is only about $4000-5500. I have been advised by 3 different septic companies in the area that this type of system will run $12,000- 16,000. I understand that en engineer should get a premium for his/ her knowledge to design the system but 10,000-12,000 seems like a lot of premium. I only am building a 1 bedroom/ 1 bath cabin. Is there any way I could do any labor myself, as everything I have found is that either a large boom loader must install each load of sand or shovels from the side as NO ONE is to walk on the mound area at all during installation of the sand and drain lines. How many man hours should I expect to need/ pay to have this work performed. I feel i am being taken, and the companies in the area are price fixing.