Okay, here's a "contractor bad dream story", hopefully cut a little bit short.

It's my own bathroom remodel, contractor raved about his plumber -- his plumber was going to use PEX instead of the original copper that was going to be torn out and somewhat rerouted. Nothing terribly major; move the toilet and hot water heater, plumb to a new bathtub and shower.

Last weekend we had a major freeze in the Pacific Northwest and I crawled under the house to check on the pipes. Granted, it is a miserable crawlspace -- hard to access and hard to move around in...but I don't think there's any excuse for what I found:

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Aside from the old plumbing parts,torn out insulation, and garbage left under the house, exactly how "standard" is that kind of plumbing layout for PEX?
I understand it's much easier to use, and flexible, but that doesn't excuse that particular snakes nest!

Should I insist this be redone? (I think so...)