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Thread: low-flow toilet rebate program

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    Default low-flow toilet rebate program

    Thought the following information may be of interest to others:

    In San Diego county for many years there has been a program to rebate $75 to the purchaser of a 1.6 gallon toilet to replace any non 1.6 toilet in their house. Any 1.6 gallon toilet was eligible for the rabate. After about 14 years on this program, it seems the water authority has realized that all low-flush toilets are not created equal.

    Beginning October 1, 2004 to qualify for the rebate, the toilet must meet the following specs:

    1. Conform to ASME A112.19 and A112.19.6

    2. Flush valve must be leak free after testing with Chlorox bleach AND "2000 FLushes" brand bowl cleaning tablet. { I do not yet know the details of this test}

    3. Any device or barrier inside the tank designed to limit the flow of water must be permanently attached and TAMPER PROOF.

    4. The MAXIMUM capacity of the tank or the water vessel must not exceed 2.0 gallons,
    The MAXIMUM volume of water which the toilet may possibly discharge must not exceed 2.0 gallons.

    Right now the list of eligible toilets is short. It does include some TOTO, the Champion, and most models which are using a SLoan Flushmate power-flush.
    The Cimarron is NOT on the list; the ever-popular gravity-flush Wellworths are NOT on the list.
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