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Thread: Fittings for Shower arm

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    Default Fittings for Shower arm

    Remodeling my bath to install Moen IODigital vertical spa. I am going to use the shower head as an overhead rainshower, and the Handshower as the wall shower. To feed the rainshower, I am running cpvc up the inside of the plumbing wall, then using a 1/2 " x 24" chrome nipple across the ceiling (exposed), to a junction for the fixture. (Haven't exactly designed that yet...?)

    The question is about the transition from cpvc to the chrome and back at the fixture. I know that for pressure situations, I should use a transition union not an adapter, but is it necessary for the shower output. I was hoping to use a cpvc drop ear 1/2" weld x 1/2" FIP thread at the top of the rise and then a galvanized 1/2" street elbow at the fixture, for space savings.

    Any thoughts or other ideas. I am staying out of the attic because of difficulty reaching the edge and freeezing concerns. I could build a small soffit to cover the pipe, but that is almost as much trouble/$.


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    Forget any galvanized piping - eventually, it will rust. Use a brass or bronze drop-ear...you do not want a female plastic fitting - they tend to split. For the short distances you're talking about, I think I'd use copper.
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