I don't use this product. I usually opt for PE when gas piping goes underground. Long story short: outdoor tankless water heater quit firing. Trouble code said no gas supply. Confirmed by removing flex and opening valve. No gas. Supply coming from meter underground. Find water in the gas piping underground. Suck water out with wet/dry vac and when gas is turned back on, I find MANY holes in the piping underground. So my question is how many of you have find this before? This is my first time. Under the epoxy coating where there are pipe wrench teeth marks....the piping hollowed out. I read other older threads here about this piping being pretty crappy. I was under the assumption the piping under the epoxy was galv. Apparently not. The piping is only two years old. I'm just in shock really. PE pipe to the rescue tomorrow.... Name:  piping.jpg
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