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Thread: Revisiting Water system and ready to buy. Please help with final decision

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    Default Revisiting Water system and ready to buy. Please help with final decision

    Hi all! I came here quite a while ago due to needing to replace my softener & iron removal system. However, while reading through the forums, I decided to bypass the iron filter (it was with the purple chemical tank, I don't remember what it was anymore), and do some maintenance on my softener. Well, that did the trick and we've enjoyed better water for a while. We even stopped using iron out in the whites after finding color safe bleach to work better with the remaining staining.

    We recently replaced the water heater (was in place for 10+ years from the tag on it), and now we have a nasty smell. So I decided that if I clean up the water coming into the house, that would probably take care of the smell. Thanks to you guys here, I found out that it is in fact bacteria that causes the smell. Also, we've been getting quite a bit more staining on the fixtures that use hot water since the water heater change. I think I may have set it lower than the old heater, so I permanently kicked it up a bit to 125 degrees.

    But, the real problem seems to be the bacteria coming into the house, and I don't want that even in my softener. So, I'm putting together the parts for the system that was suggested on here about a year ago. In light of what I've learned since then, I now have more confidence that this will fix my water quality problems. By the way, I didn't resurect that one because it kinda got too busy with other discussions.

    So I'd like to know if the equipment I'm thinking of buying is still a good recomendation, or if something simpler has come out since last year. Also, if this equipment will be effective at fixing the bacteria, smell, iron, and staining problems.

    First my water testing results:

    Hardness: 17-20
    pH: 7
    Iron: 4-5
    TDS: 605
    Nitrates: 0

    Other info:
    High tannins, slime in toilet tanks. Things get rust-like stains. Low to no sulfur smell. Sometimes other smells such as rusty, fishy, garbage.

    Now for what I'm thinking of buying:
    Please let me know if this is all I would need to effectively treat the iron and kill most/all bacteria, then remove that as well as the Chrorine from the water:

    HN55 Fixed rate chemical Injector
    Chemical Storage Tank - 15 Gal
    Structural CT120 Retention Vessel - 120 gal with blow out valve on the bottom.
    Carbon Filter 1.5 Cu Ft & Fleck 7000 Backwashing Valve with bypass (thinking of stainless for Florida weather)
    Mister Drain - Water Softener Air Gap (I don't think I have one now, outside install- do I need one?)

    Also, as I need a new pressure tank, any advice on one for the humid Florida air? How about this one?
    Flexcon 35 Gallon Fiberglass Pressure Tank

    Any other parts/pieces I should buy while I'm at it?

    I'm trying to find the best places to buy this stuff, and of course by best I mean reputable and good prices. Any tips? I've found one place with decent prices, but I don't see a stainless bypass, and I'd have to buy the HN55 and pressure tank elsewhere as they don't carry these things. This place uses Clack CS-HAC Coconut Shell activated carbon. Does that sound like good stuff?

    Are there any recommendations on where I should buy the parts?
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