I recently ordered a Fleck 7000SXT on demand 40,000 grain water softener. I have never used a water softener before but assumed with some research I could figure it out. That research has shown that it is not entirely simple. I would appreciate a suggestion on programming settings so I am able get it running this Thursday after the plumber installs it. I would like to run the timer as a meter delayed control.
The water hardness is 160mg/L(9.36 gpg), iron and manganese were not detected. Currently my house consists of me, my wife and our 2 year old. we have 1 shower/bath, 1 shower, 1 dishwasher, 1 clothes washer, 3 sinks and 2 toilets. In my research I came across http://www.qualitywaterassociates.com/sizing.php. The results of that calculator state my total grains of capacity as 13478.4 which I assume could be rounded down to 13000 which would place my salt dose at 3 or 4 lbs. (An explanation on how the salt dose is set would be awesome. I understand the lower the salt dose the greater the salt efficiency and in balance the less the water efficiency but still don't get how the softener "knows" the dose.) The BLFC on the valve is 0.125gpm. Also, the water softener has become a necessity in order to run a whole house UV system to remove groundwater bacteria contamination.
Any education, knowledge, and/or explanations would be appreciated.